Karen Clarke                                   Kayleigh Reardon                               DG Reardon                                   Kristin Vincent

   Immediate Past President                               President                                     Vice President                                       Treasurer

       Sonja Merryman                                      Marcia Giblock                              Andy Fitzgerald                                  Eric Laakso

            Secretary                                                 Director                                CCH CEO, Ex-Officio                               Director

            Erik Bergquist                               Bruce Roosa

    Hospice Advisory Board Liaison              Legacy Advisory Board

           Leigh Worsley                                 Jaelene Ritterhouse                               JC Reynolds

Cancer Care Committee Liaison               Festival of Trees Liaison                             Director                    

The Campbell County Healthcare Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt non-profit organization which raises capital funds to support quality healthcare services for all residents of Campbell County and Northeast Wyoming. The Healthcare Foundation is volunteer-led and governed by a 20 member Board of Directors who reflect a cross-section of our community-at-large and strives for diversity, community-based experience and professional expertise.